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Capstone Lands The land belongs to the future. We come and go, but the land is always here.” Willa Cather

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The Gift of Land Donating land to The University of Alabama is one of the most thoughtful actions a person can take. Through the years, many friends of UA have given the University timberland, homes, and acreage. When you make a gift of land to The University of Alabama through Capstone Lands, you can rest assured that we have the experience and ability to manage that land with sound principles and professional acumen. Our staff manages more than 45,000 acres of land, including approximately 8,000 acres in environmental easements. Our pledge to you is to be the best stewards possible of land that is entrusted to us.

Bill Oakley, a 1962 graduate of UA, recently arranged through his estate plan to donate 1,000 acres of family land in south Alabama to the University. Bill expressed full confidence in putting land that has been in his family for decades into the experienced hands of the professionals at UA. “I believe that if the University has control of the property, that they will look after it properly, manage it, and tend it,” he said. Properties that you might consider donating to Capstone Lands include: investment properties, unused properties, a family farm, timberland, home or property that has appreciated. Proceeds from any land donation you make to UA can be directed to your choice of programs on campus.

Estelle Taylor of Demopolis, UA class of ’61, gave the University acreage in Jefferson County that she inherited from her two sisters. Estelle directed that proceeds from the sale of that property be placed into a scholarship program benefitting UA athletes. “We have a great history with the football team,” she said. “I had an uncle and a great uncle who played for the University.”

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