Recent Estate Gifts

In Memory of these Special Alumni and Friends

The University of Alabama is extraordinarily grateful to the generous alumni and friends who remembered the University through a will or other estate plan.  These visionary gifts assist deserving students through scholarship awards and enrich their educational experience by supporting a multitude of campus programs.  Gifts such as these enable the University to remain the Capstone of higher education.

Edith Ainsworth, a mathematics instructor, and her husband, Richard Ainsworth, a professor of mathematics, made bequests through her will and their revocable trust establishing the Edith and Richard Ainsworth Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Applied Mathematics, the Ainsworth Gift Fund for Rodgers Library, and the Edith and Richard Ainsworth Endowed Library Support Fund.

Archie Bobo, ’42, a WWII veteran, made a gift of his residual estate to the University to fund the Archie Bobo Endowed C&BA Student Support Fund for Travel Abroad.

Leland Burgess, ’65, named the University as a partial beneficiary of a life insurance policy directing the proceeds to support his fraternity’s building fund.

Marvin Chapman, ’36, World War II and Korean War veteran, made a gift to the College of Engineering through his charitable remainder unitrust that established the Marvin A. Chapman Endowed Scholarship for juniors and seniors seeking degrees in the engineering field.

Emogene Evans, friend of the University, left a portion of her residual estate to fund a scholarship in memory of her husband, Edward C. Evans, ’55.  The Emogene B. and Edward Carlton Evans Endowed C&BA Scholarship was established for full-time undergraduate students enrolled in the Culverhouse College of Commerce & Business Administration.

Robert L. Fondren, ’61, established a scholarship in memory of his older brother who desired to attend the University but died while serving in the US Navy during WWII.  Mr. Fondren named the Charles E. Fondren Jr. Endowed Scholarship at The University of Alabama as beneficiary of his entire estate through his will.

James Hire, ’48, and his wife, Mildred Hire, friend of the University, left a portion of their charitable remainder unitrust to fund a scholarship in the College of Engineering.

Joanne Hodgkins, ’52, and her husband, Robert W. Hodgkins, ’51, J.D. ’53, made gifts through their wills, retirement accounts, and an irrevocable trust to fund scholarships in the College of Commerce and the College of Education and a professorship in the School of Law.

Dorothy Jevne, ’37, made a bequest in her trust establishing a scholarship in memory of her husband, Paul Jevne, J. D. ’34, and to support scholarships in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Sam Jollitt, ’51, made a bequest of securities through his will to establish the Sam L. Jollitt Endowed Academic Support Fund in the Culverhouse College of Commerce & Business Administration.

George Kizziah, ’50, World War II U.S. Navy veteran, made a bequest from his trust requesting the funds be used to maintain the American flags flown over the University of Alabama campus.

Jean Leighton, friend of the University, left a bequest in her will for the University’s general scholarship fund.

Allen Maxwell, an associate professor of Anthropology, made a bequest from his will establishing the Allen R. Maxwell Endowed Anthropology Scholarship and the Allen R. Maxwell Asian Book Fund.

Thomas McLean, ’59, made a gift through his retirement account to fund the Thomas Sturkie McLean Endowed Support Fund in Engineering to assist disadvantaged students.

Daniel Meador, J.D. ’51, made a bequest from his retirement accounts and charitable gift annuities to establish the Daniel J. Meador Endowed Annual Lecture Fund in the School of Law.

Helen O’Sullivan, ’51, and her husband, Ignatius “Pat” O’Sullivan, ’52, named the University as beneficiary of two life insurance policies and the proceeds were used to fund the Helen and Pat O’Sullivan Endowed Scholarship in the College of Education.

Harry Pennington, ’41, J.D. ’50, made a gift provision in his will supporting his fraternity.

Dorothy Rogers, ’43, made a bequest from her trust establishing the Dorothy E. Rogers Endowed Scholarship for “students who intend to pursue careers in health, science, medicine, and/or nursing related fields.”

Robert Skelton, ’62, bequeathed an unrestricted gift through his will to the University.

Angelo Spinola, ’39, made a bequest through his will to the College of Arts & Sciences to assist a student “in need of financial assistance, desiring to pursue a career in teaching.”

The Honorable John Tyson III, ’50, named the University as beneficiary in his will and requested the gift be added to an existing scholarship in his late wife’s memory, the Mae Martin Bryant Tyson Endowed Scholarship in Engineering.

Helen Ward, ’57, and her husband, John Ward, ’57, M.S. ’59, made a bequest of a mineral collection to the Geology Department in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Edith Wilcox, ’36, left an unrestricted bequest to the Farrah Law School Foundation.

The University of Alabama honors the almost 873 members of The Denny Society who have made visionary gifts to the University through their wills or other estate plans.  We are also grateful for the 136 thoughtful supporters who included The University of Alabama in their estate plans prior to the creation of The Denny Society.