Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees.  Some companies may even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.  If your company is eligible, we encourage you to request a matching gift form from your employer and send it completed and signed with your gift (or submit it online, if applicable).  We will do the rest.  The impact of your gift to the University may be doubled or possibly tripled.

Donors are encouraged to carefully examine the matching gift policies and guidelines established by their companies and ensure that these are followed.  The University of Alabama will strictly adhere to the matching gift guidelines of each matching company and to the policies that each company has established for its employees.  University of Alabama personnel review the eligibility requirements of the respective company’s matching-gift program for compliance.  Where there is ambiguity in the program concerning any specific gifts, the Office of Advancement Services will consult directly with the company for a correct interpretation of its policy and will abide by the interpretation provided.

Gifts that do not comply with matching gift requirements are marked ineligible and the match denied.  The company’s matching gift follows the donor/employee’s gift designation unless otherwise noted in the company’s policies.

For questions related to matching gifts, please contact Gift Accounting at (205) 348-8107 or

Please send any signed employer-sponsored matching gifts to:

The University of Alabama
Box 870101
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487

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